Online Schedule

This is something I never thought I would do as a Fitness and Health professional, but here I go!

As current climates mean that I can’t bring my services directly to clients, I will be hosting a full schedule of classes online to help keep you fit and healthy in times of uncertainty.

How to Book?

Please see the schedule below and email to book your virtual space in class.

In order to keep things simple and all in one place for my reference (I can’t keep track of facebook, WhatsApp and Insta for all these classes!)

I will only be accepting bookings via email. Merci! <3

How to pay?

Classes cost £4 as a drop in paid on the day of the class. Or you can pay £10 for unlimited classes all week.

Transfer must be made by Sunday 8pm each week to qualify for the week ahead (and so that I can keep my accounts accurate!) :).

Please transfer your fee to the PayPal account as a ‘personal payment/friends’ OR if you already have my business bank details, please transfer to this and let me know (my business account takes a few working days to transfer!) Link:

How to access class?

  1. Firstly, complete google docs health form which I will send out when you email to book. Or follow link:
  2. Please email me with the classes you would like to attend.
  3. Please make your payment – See above on how to pay
  4. Once you’ve booked, I will send out a ZOOM ‘meeting’ access code. You will be able to access the class with this! Clever huh!?
  5. (If you are on a laptop it’s this simple ^ the link will take you through to the website and program download. If you are on a tablet or a phone it may ask you to download the app – please do!)
  6. The code will be sent 30min before class so that you have time to get your screen set up. Understand how to work your camera and audio. Initially, you should sign up with audio and video so that you can hear and see me. Please keep audio switched off during class to avoid any sound feedback.
  7. Sometimes connection can go a little wobbly/stuck. If this happens, turn off your video for a moment so that the internet has less work to do!
  8. If you have any troubles with this (sounds more complicated than it really is!!) please let me know and we can try and work it out together! This is new for me too.

Really all you need to do is let me know you are coming and follow the link in the email with the meeting ID.

If I see class sign ups rise, I will introduce more classes to the schedule.

What’s on?
Below is the timetable & Class descriptions:

Class Descriptions:

Pilates – 1hour

Pilates is a great way to connect body & mind.

Finish the session feeling taller, more stable, and more mobile. Reduce your risk of injury and enhance your ability to train, walk and complete day to day tasks more efficiently.

Yoga – 1 hour

Bringing together more than mind and body… bringing oneself closer to ones true nature… Joy… Happiness. We achieve this through the meditative movement of vinyasa or movement and breath.

A chance to nourish mind, body and soul. Join me for some mindful movement medicine from the comfort of your home. Up your connect with gentle flows, breath work and relaxation. You are welcome open armed whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned yogi.

Evening wind down – Restorative flow 1hour

A gentle flow with some juicy stretches. Plenty of meditation and long holds to truly nourish the body and let go of the day you’ve already had.

Advanced Vinyasa Flow – 1hour

A yoga flow for those who already know the basics. Varying in intensity but plenty of challenging postures to strengthen and advance your practice.

Beginners Vinyasa Flow- 1 hour

A gentle slow flow to allow you to really feel into each posture. Refine your current practice and take a little mental break from uncertainty, worry and doing. A spacious practice to allow you to simply be for a while.

Functional Fitness – 45min

A mixture of higher and lower intensity exercises to help strengthen and tone the body. Carefully choreographed sessions to allow you to move safely, increasing cardiovascular, power and strength fitness levels.

HIIT Training – 30 – 45 min

For those who want a good sweat and to burn those calories. A high intensity interval style training session. Must have good prior levels of fitness for this one and no knee/back injuries. Please always consult with Hannah if you are unsure.

Stretch & Foam Roll – 30min

A simple stretch class designed to ease out any tension in the body. Foam rolling and tennis ball rolling to get into those hard to stretch areas!

As a big thank you to all Key Workers, please enjoy two classes per week for FREE on me 🙂

Hopefully see you on the mat soon!