10 ways to get a little Hygge into your life

10 ways to get a little Hygge into your life 
What is Hygge?
Hygge, pronounced HUE-gah (who-gar), is a Danish concept, meaning comfort, cosiness and sharing happiness or a hot chocolate with the people we love. It is lighting a fire and getting cosy under a blanket. It is running a hot bath with lots of bubbles and it is enjoying a large glass of wine on the sofa. Us Brits don’t actually have a word that directly translates Hygge as yet, but we could definitely learn a few things from the Danish concept. The Danes come top in the world for happiness ratings and it is thought that their natural ability to put a little Hygge into everything they do, is the reason for their top spot.
A big part of Hygge is enjoying your food and taking the time to do so with friends and family. Think of the last time you got together with a big group and enjoyed a feast in the comfort of your home. I’m pretty sure you can remember everyone smiling, laughing, chatting and enjoying themselves. Whilst I’m not saying go and binge on a load of food and you’ll be happy, I am saying you could do your psychological health a big favour by being a little kinder to yourself. The Danish incorporate a little Hygge into their everyday lives. Whether it is arranging a meeting in a cosy cafe instead of the office or running a bubble bath and lighting the candles, Hygge moments are integrated into their every day lives.
With the latest trend in our health and fitness industry pushing towards ‘clean’ eating,  people are often finding they are actually missing the whole point of health and happiness. Many of us are missing that balance that healthy eating should offer and we are restricting ourselves of all the things we really love. Yes, you may say having a ‘cheat’ day is allowing you to enjoy all the restricted foods but is this binge approach really a healthy option? Aren’t you essentially undoing all that hard work you’ve put in with eating ‘clean’? Achieving balance and allowing yourself to enjoy the good things in moderation is surely a more rewarding and attainable lifestyle.
A restrictive diet is also a sure fire way to trigger feelings of stress and guilt. Whilst your body maybe looking top notch, you are most probably struggling with the mental drain of planning your next meal and restricting yourself of the foods you love.
Getting some Hygge in your life could help restore the healthy relationship we should have with food. Hygge is more than how we feed ourselves though, it that warm feeling you get inside when something you love puts a smile on your face. And I want to help you achieve this.
Be  a little kinder to yourself, take some ‘me’ time and enjoy Hygge with my ten ways to get a little Hygge…
Run a hot bath before you go to bed
Leave your mobile at the door and run a bubble bath, light the candles and take a moment to yourself.
Light the fire
Get the fire on, invite the family over and enjoy a hot chocolate together.
Grab a blanket
Next time you’re watching your favourite programme on TV, grab a blanket, a hot drink or a chilled glass of wine and cosy up with someone you love.
Take your meeting to your favourite coffee spot
Choose an independent coffee shop with low light and comfortable furniture. Order your favourite coffee and enjoy your meeting from the comfort of an arm chair rather than an artificially lit office space.
Bake something yummy
Not only is the art of baking therapeutic but there is something about a good homemade slice of cake that makes it super-satisfying. If you don’t bake then find yourself an independent bakery for something to tickle your fancy.
Read a book
Lie back and delve into a good book. Make some ‘me’ time aside from your usual commute reading time. Think blankets, cushions and a comfy
bean bag.
Upgrade the Hygge in your living space
Treat yourself to a new candle, fury throw, soft cushion or cosy blanket to add a little Hygge to your home.
Sharing is Caring
Invite your friends round for dinner and then say yes when they ask if you need help. A sense of community is very important to the Danes and after all if they are your friends, surely they want to help, they are not just asking to be polite.
Dim the lights
Instead of switching on the lights, light some candles instead. A cosy atmosphere is instantly gives you that warming feeling inside.
Keep it Simple
There’s nothing flashy about Hygge. All you need is a cosy environment and something you love. It is about embracing the simple things in life. It is also about appreciating those simple things.

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