5 Ways to Stay Consistent with Meditation


Join a group.
Research shows that we are more likely to stick to something if we have something or someone to hold us accountable.
Additionally, for many, meditation can feel like a daunting practice. To be totally honest with you, sitting with your thoughts can sometimes be uncomfortable. Having a community of like-minded souls on the same journey as you can offer the support, kindness and comfort you may need to stay on committed to a regular practice.
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Devote yourself to a week of Sadhana (daily practice).
Commit to a whole week of showing up for yourself. But, do it with kindness.
Can you weave practices into your life in a way that feels giving rather than depleting?
Sometimes it’s as simple as regulating your breath before opening your laptop, other times, it will mean carving out an hour, lighting your candles and gifting yourself some real quality time on your yoga mat. Ideally, your Sadhana is done at the same time every day to help you carve out a habit, and build routine and resilience. With the way we live modern life, that can be hard. How can you make this more achievable? Is it by having your headphones next to your bed and making it the first thing you do in the morning? Or do you respond better to a set routine? If you miss the dedicated time slot, how can you make sure you don’t write off the day? Are there some simple practices such as mindful walking that will help you to connect to a space of calm and ease despite the busy-ness of life happening around you?

To help you commit to a daily practice, join RISE ~ A 7-day Group Meditation Journey ~ 21 – 27th June:


Make sure your practice is tailored to your needs.
You may not know this, but every practice aiming to lead you to a state of meditation, is intentional.

Every practice deeply affects your nervous system, the flow of energy alive within you and therefore, the state of your mind.

How you might say? Well, preparatory practices are just as important as the practices of stillness we know in the Western world as ‘meditation’. In fact, most of us (unless we are Rishis/Saints/True Yogis) are incapable of sitting still without the use of Kriya (intentional movement) Asana (intentional posture) and Pranayama (intentional direction of the breath). Each of these preparatory practices, when done properly, gift us with a different level of sensibility and insight. They physically, energetically and cosmically change the way we feel. They alchemise the internal goings on and, if chosen carefully and with intention can help us to navigate the world with more calm, ease and balance.
If you’d like help finding a practice to suit your needs, why not find a Yoga/Meditation Mentor to work with on a 1:1 basis. Many teachers also offer their services online so that you can practice from anywhere in the world. Contact hannah@composureactive.co.uk for more info on this.


Remind yourself WHO is benefitting from your practice?

Who are you when you practice vs who are you when you don’t?
What effect does your practice have on your loved ones? How do you show up for them when you’ve made space for yourself first?

Take some time to journal on what your practice means to you and those whom you love. It’s amazing how motivating this can be! 🙂


Ask yourself WHY am I practicing? If you don’t know why then it’s hard to be motivated to practice.

In order to create a new behaviour pattern, James Clear says that we need to follow this equation… B = MAT Behaviour = Motivation x Achievability x Trigger.
What is actually making you practice? And how can you make your practice something readily available to you in times of stress and discomfort? What triggers you to practice? Is it lighting a candle or some incense? Is it a particular cosy corner in your room? Jot down a few things in your journal that motivate you to practice – they become your WHYS.

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