‘bringing together more than mind and body… bringing oneself closer to ones true nature… Joy… Happiness. In modern day, often achieved through the meditative movement of vinyasa or movement and breath’

A chance to nourish mind, body and soul. Join me for some mindful movement medicine. Up your connect with gentle flows, breath work and relaxation. We welcome you open armed whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned yogi.

Have a little look at my blog post on yoga if you are unsure if yoga is for you. There is so much more to Yoga than we imagine. Classes are a great way to get your fix but taking a private session can open your mind up to a deeper yoga practice that begins to be reflected in your everyday life and not just on the mat.


 Face to face group classes £10

 One to one & small groups £65-£85

Group Classes 

Currently all group classes are being held online due to COVID-19.

‘Beautiful adjustments, correction of alignment and deepening engagement. Fabulous breath cues, amazing guidance of the body, playful and energetic whilst always having eyes over the students. Hannah’s classes are stunning from start to finish. Thankyou’

Chrissie Chung 200hr Yoga course teacher

‘A great yoga teacher, allows me to come inwards to myself’

200hr YT student

‘Hannah is so brilliantly, wonderfully lovely. Fantastic class. Tone, use of language, theme and intelligent mindful sequence makes for a delicious practice.’

200hr YT student

‘That was really lovely, I feel thoroughly relaxed. I almost feel like I’m floating. What a fabulous start to my weekend.’

Student from Salt Therapy workshop

‘Do you do meditation tapes too? Your voice is very calm. I’d like to listen to it more’

Brothers aged 8 & 10 years at kids workshop