Sports & Therapeutic Massage

‘…The manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress; and, to promote health and wellness…’

Massage is a fantastic tool to both increase your performance, rehab injuries and reduce muscle tension. Likewise, it has major healing properties that you just can’t get from that foam roller or accu-ball. One of its many benefits is it’s ability to flush out all those bad toxins and increase lymphatic drainage . Making sure you drink plenty of water after treatment is vital in ensuring this flushing takes effect in full capacity. Massage is not all about the physical however, there is good scientific evidence to suggest it benefits those suffering with mental health problems by reducing stress, anxiety and poor mood.

I like to tailor my massage to each client and their specific needs.

Be it a deep tissue, soft tissue, sports specific or therapeutic massage you need; it is all the same price. This way, you can book in for a sports massage but if you’ve had a tough day at work there is absolutely no issue with you deciding you’d prefer a relaxation massage. You may just fancy a massage with candles, scented oils and music as opposed to a rehab massage with stretching, muscle energy techniques and rehab exercises. It all depends on how you feel on the day and what you feel your body needs.

Each appointment lasts one hour. This way I can really work my magic!

Please let me know if you are in a rush or need a shorter session and we can negotiate a price.




1 hour £60 

Sports Massage

-Injury Rehabilitation -Pre/Post Event -Sport Specific Massage

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

*Home visits can be arranged for local clients*


Currently all clinics closed due to COVID-19



“Hannah was amazing – I suffered a severe back injury during weights training and Hannah’s sports therapy sessions and rehab programme got me back up and running before I knew it! Incredibly knowledgable and precise with my programme, highly professional and overall brilliant at what she does. Would highly recommend!”

Kate Alder (Wasps Ladies Rugby)

“Hannah delivers a very professional, effective sports massage. I am a Physiotherapist and always struggle to find someone who can give the right pressure as well as treat the problem, but Hannah can do both extremely well. She managed to relieve my upper back, neck and shoulder pain … I’m pretty certain I could not have carried on working and skiing as much as i did without her!!”

Julie Pilcher (Physiotherapist)

“Hannah’s magic massage hands have done the trick once again, I can now walk down stairs once again”

Tracy Markham (Triathlete, Kona Ironman finalist)