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Meet Hannah:

Yorkshire based Level 3 Personal Trainer, BPS accredited Psychologist, BSO Trained Sports Therapist, Medical Acupuncturist, Level 3 Pilates and Pre & Post natal Pilates Instructor, 200hr Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Hockey Player, Skier, Runner and Secret Baker! A well rounded individual to bring you the best training, motivation and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

You can count on her to create structured sessions that are enjoyable and focussed on what you as an individual want to achieve. She will help you work through any barriers you might be facing and keep you engaged throughout the session. She is able to adjust her teaching style to match your learning style. She likes to keep the sessions personal and if you are having an off-day there is no reason why a PT session cannot be swapped in for Pilates, Yoga or a Massage session swapped to a PT. It’s all about listening to your body and learning to create a sense of balance.

Hannah is also experienced in working with children. She loves bringing mindfulness and pilates work into primary schools to encourage a positive, healthy and balanced outlook on life at a young age. Take a look at our Wellbeing Work at Schools to see what she has recently been up to.

Hannah is currently seeing all her clients online due to COVID-19.

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