Meditation Course

A chance to cultivate calm and contentment, steadiness and ease. See how your meditative practice begins to ripple out and enable you to ride the waves of life with a little more clarity and compassion.

What does the course include?

4 weeks of consistent meditation practice

Current Level 1 Course: September 14th
Next Level 1 Course: January 2021

Next Level 2 Course: October 26th

Ever wondered if you are ‘doing it right’ or felt you ‘can’t meditate’?…

Then this is the course for you!
Spread out across four weeks, we will be learning a number of different meditation techniques so that you can find what best works for you.

**Corporate Courses also available** Bespoke courses to suit your needs

  • 4 live meditation classes Every Monday at 6.45pm. Led by a qualified Psychologist & Yoga Meditation teacher. These sessions will be recorded so that you can do them at a time most convenient to you. They will be available for download so that you can revisit the sessions whenever you like :).
  • 5 live Q & A’s – After Monday’s live class a chance to ask any questions and suggest topics to explore in the next class. As well as a debrief session at the end of the course.
  • 8 recorded meditations to practice at home – Posted in the Facebook group to practice at your convenience.
  • Access to Tuesday Night Live Restorative Yoga Class – Free access to Tuesday night’s 8pm restore. A class where we will explore a different breath work technique each week so that you can practice with my support. These classes are suitable for ALL levels of yoga. There are 4-8 stretches incorporated into the class as well as a meditation to finish.
  • Exploring different breath work practices
  • Exploring different meditation practices including visualisation, body scan and mindful movement. We will delve into these in our live Monday sessions and in the Restorative Yoga on a Tuesday night.
  • Facebook group so that you can support your fellow meditators and have a bank of resources. This is where I will share links to classes, recordings, resources and keep you motivated with tips and tricks to help you stay focussed!
  • Suggested methods to monitor your progress – Optional methods to keep track of how you are doing.
  • Book/Podcast/App recommendations to support your practice.

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Feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Places LIMITED so that we can run the live Q&A’s more effectively.

What’s Included:

4 x Live sessions every Monday at 6.45pm

5 x Q & A8 x Recorded sessions (Mon and one voice recording to practice)

4 x Live yoga classesMusic to support your practice

Exploration of new meditation techniques

Consolidation of previous techniques and when to do what meditation depending on how you are feeling!

Intro to meditation philosophy

Info hub

Support network


‘It was lovely meeting you today Hannah. Thank you for a very informative first session, pitched just perfectly. I find the whole topic fascinating and look forward to absorbing more and developing some skill on my journey’ 

Month of Meditation Course Student

‘Lovely session. Slept better last night which was fabulous.’

Month of Meditation Course Student

‘Totally recommend this programme. It gave me loads of things: better understanding of breath work, more meditation practices and a great month of reflection’

Month of Meditation Course Student

“I’m absolutely loving it! I don’t want it to end!”

MOM Student

“I loved understanding more about the science. It was an incredible experience. There is so much to it! I’m excited for the level 2 course.”

MOM student