Wellbeing for Schools

Wellbeing Workshops for Primary & Secondary

What is Wellbeing?

‘…the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy in physical, mental and emotional being…’

But is it that simple? Wellbeing has many dimensions but here at Composure the main focus is to understand how to create a sense of balance through a holistic lifestyle. Balanced mind, body and nutrition is the key to a healthy and happy life.

Why in Schools?

Starting this understanding and awareness with a young audience can help build the platform for a healthier, happier generation.

Getting the children to engage in mindful thinking (noticing), using all five senses, gives them the skills to be more present and grounded in everyday life.  It is with these skills they can then build more positive outlook on life and engage in feelings and acts of gratitude.

Encouraging the children to take part in activities that both raise the heart rate and then bring it down instills a sense of calm which once learnt, they can come back to and use again and again in the future.

With regards to mindful eating, I aim to encourage children to think before they eat and to think while they eat. This inspires them to make healthy choices, only eat when actually hungry, and to enjoy their food. It can essentially leave them feeling more satisfied after every meal and much less likely to snack.

How would the day work?

I will work with each class for 30-60minutes.

Within each session, a practical approach will be used to captivate the attention of all students.

Group activities will stimulate the children to use their senses and see life through more focused and open eyes.

The children will engage in Pilates/Yoga based movements to help focus the body and mind.

For the older students, there is a more in depth session on mindful eating. We discuss healthier choices and the reasons behind why we eat even when we are not hungry.

All sessions help to open the students minds to new ways of thinking and to attaining a more balanced lifestyle.

What is offered?

I work on a flexible basis and I like to tailor the workshops to each class/school.

Each school is different, as is each class. A pre-workshop meeting can help us work together in order to put together a program most beneficial to the children.

Please take a look at the different workshop options below:

Mindful Thinking

Mindful Eating

Mindful Moving

Pilates for all ages

Yoga for all ages

Mindfulness and Meditation for Children

Parent After-School Talks

How much will it cost?

Day rate – £225

Two days – £400



St Ethelberts Catholic Primary School : 21-22nd June

Ages 3-11

Pilates & Mindfulness for Children workshops

Hatch End High School

August ’16

Ages 14-16

Mindfulness workshops and dealing with exam stress

After School Pilates Class

Thomson House Primary School

October ’16

Ages 4-10

Pilates & Mindfulness for Children workshops


“Never has there been so much calm all in one room… An enjoyable and enriching day for students and teachers alike. Through Hannah’s imaginative use of activities, nursery through to Key stage 2 managed to grasp the concept of mindful noticing and enjoy exercising Pilates. We have had such a positive response from our children after Hannah’s sessions. We recommend her workshops to other primary schools and we are looking forward to having her back next year.”

Alyssa Mercer, Schools Sport Coordinator at St Ethelberts

….from the children…

“Can we do this everyday?” Alex, Year 3

“I loved that, can you ask our teachers to put these activities into all our lessons?”” Darren, Year 6

“I feel all calm and happy now” Janek, Year 1

‘The pupils have responded really well to Hannah’s talks. We are all now using the headspace app to work on our mindfulness in the classroom. We are looking forward to having Hannah back to help with our 6th Form students’

Miss Ervin, Year 11 co-ordinator, Hatch End High

‘My kids are now doing their “Pilates Animals” in the living room, they loved it’

Parent from Thomson House

‘The girls were really positive about their mindfulness and pilates day. They came home very excited to tell us all about Hannah and the activities they had been doing’

Parent from Thomson House