Get Ski ready with HIIT and a little Ski-lates (pilates with a twist!)

If you are planning a ski holiday this year it is important to get your body prepped before hitting the slopes.  Reduce your risk of injury and increase your skiing stamina this winter….

Below I have put together a few simple exercises to try at home or in the park. They are all HIIT training or Pilates inspired. All you need is a little open space and about 30minutes. After warming up (around 10min of light cardio), have a go at two sets of each of the exercises below.

If you’re not one to be motivated to work out alone then check out one of my Pilates classes. We are currently including ski based fitness into our classes ready for the winter season!!

If you have any niggles or are unsure about any of the exercises just get in touch via Social media or email!


Ski Hops

SETs: 2

REPs: 1 min.

Start by standing tall on your right leg, core tight and back straight. Jump one step right and then again the same distance left. Repeat this twelve times and then do the same on your left leg.

The Bench Step

SETs: 2

 REPs: 10

Find a sturdy table about knee height. You can also try this on steps or a bench. With the left side of your body facing the table put one foot on the table and push up to standing, straightening this leg. Repeat this ten times and then do the same on your right leg.

One Leg Dip

 SETs: 2

 REPs: 12

 Starting on your right leg, making sure your core is tight, bend your knee (without letting it bend over your toes) and straighten your leg twelve times. Repeat this on your left leg.

Side plank – leg raise


REPS- 10 on each side

Keeping your arm in line with your shoulder, get yourself into side plank with both legs on a chair, the edge of the bed or sofa… Next take the lower leg away and with your knee bent, down towards the floor. Repeat ten times on each side.

Can of Beans Twist

SETs: 2

REPs: 10

 Take a can of beans in both hands (or a dumbbell if you have one). Stand with your feet hip width apart, back straight and core tight. Start the exercise by bending your knees and bringing the weight in front of you, touching the floor. Next twist your body to the right and touch the floor. Then the left. Repeat the exercise ten times in all three positions.


 Shoulder Bridge

 SETS – 2

REPS – 12

Start by lying down, spine in neutral and knees bent, feet hip width apart. Next, clasp a pillow or a pilates block between your knees and try to hold it there as you roll up one vertebrae at a time into bridge.

Skiing Plank

 SETs: 2

REPs: 12

Get yourself into a strong plank position, making sure hands are shoulder width apart, your back is flat and your core is tight. Once you have mastered the simple plank, jump your legs into a tucked position to the right and the left.

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