Meet Hannah

London based BPS accredited Psychologist, Meditation Teacher & Mentor (specialising in therapy based 1:1 meditation), 200hr Yoga Teacher, BSO Trained Sports Therapist, Medical Acupuncturist, Level 3 Pilates, Level 3 Personal Trainer, and Pre & Post natal Pilates Instructor, Skier, Hockey Player, Runner and Secret Baker! 

Holistic based practitioner, Hannah, pulls on all her knowledge to tailor each session and each moment of each session to exactly the way you are feeling.

If you want to feel empowered in both body and mind you have come to the right place. Hannah helps you cultivate the ability to tap into your intuition and step into your true potential. Her knowledgeable yet light hearted and gentle approach leave clients feeling listened to and guided; not to what society deems ‘right’ but for what is truly right for them. Each session is tailored not only to the individual human needs of the client but more importantly, to the needs of the moment. In this session right here, right now, what is it that you require?

Hannah is also experienced in working with young people. She loves bringing mindfulness and yoga into schools, colleges and universities to encourage a positive, healthy and balanced outlook on life at a young age. Take a look at our Wellbeing Work at Schools & Universities to see what she has recently been up to.

With a background in Psychology, Fitness, Sports Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation, Corporate Wellness, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Hannah is a one stop shop for all your wellbeing needs.

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Check out the testimonial video below to get a feel for what Hannah offers.