Online Meditation Courses

A chance to cultivate calm and contentment, steadiness and ease. See how your meditative practice begins to ripple out and enable you to ride the waves of life with a little more clarity and compassion.


Rise ~ 7 Day Journey

21st – 27th June

Begin to bloom into your full potential, with 7-days of energising, uplifting and inspiring meditations.

Join as a one off seven day Sadhana (dedicated practice) or as a four part seasonal journey with practices to support the organic unfolding of a year infused with intention.

Explore practices steeped in the energy of nourishment and growth so that you can water the seeds of intention and flourish.

At this time of year, we are in our most outward season. Take this week-long opportunity to find the perfect balance in outwardly expressing energy, whilst at the same time, tending to yourself in a way that leaves you feeling vibrant and whole. This seven-day Sadhana enables you to move towards growth whilst mirroring nature’s seasonal flow. Let’s follow the wisdom of nature and nurture our soil, tending to that which is beginning to grow and maintaining the fertile and steady grounds that help us rise with strong, resilient habits.

What’s Included?

*Opening Live & Recorded Gathering Held Via Zoom Fri 21st June ~ 7.00am

*Closing Live & Recorded Gathering Held Via Zoom Thurs 27th June ~ 19.00pm

*Recorded Sessions Made Available for Replay
*5 Daily Meditations and 1 full Yoga Practice to Support
*Daily Journaling Prompts
*Handouts & Resources
*Optional Group Chat for Collective Support
*Daily (gentle) Nudges to Make Space for Your Practice

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Ever wondered if you are ‘doing it right’ or felt you ‘can’t meditate’?…

Then this is the course for you!
Spread out across four weeks, we will be learning a number of different meditation techniques so that you can find what best works for you.

This course helps you get to grips with meditation. Together we explore different practices that help you feel calm and at ease.
The course is perfect for beginner meditators or those wishing to incorporate meditation into their work as therapists, counsellors or yoga teachers.

See below what’s included…

Create a daily practice that works for you…

This course is open to students who have completed the level 1 meditation course or those who have a regular meditation practice already in place. A deep dive into meditation practices that balance the nervous system and calm the mind. Learn how to tailor your practice to your specific needs.
An intro to the philosophy and neuroscience behind meditation practices.

See below what’s included…

Discover your subconscious mind & connect to your true, authentic self…

This course is a deep dive into both the science and philosophy of meditation. Together, we deepen your practice and delve further into how we can use meditation to manage our emotions as well as take off the lenses of conditioning so that we see life and our true selves a little more clearly.

See below what’s included…

What’s Included?

  • 4 live meditation classes via Zoom -Every Tuesday at 6.30pm. Led by a qualified Psychologist & Yoga Meditation teacher. These sessions will be recorded so that you can do them at a time most convenient to you. They will be available for download so that you can revisit the sessions whenever you like :).
  • 4 live Q & A’s – After Tuesday’s session a chance to ask any questions and suggest topics to explore in the next class.
  • 4 audio recorded meditations to practice between sessions.
  • Access to on demand library – Free access to library of yoga, pilates and meditation classes.
  • Exploring breath work
  • Exploring meditation practices including visualisation, body scan and mindful movement.
  • Google Drive folder of resources. This is where I will share links to classes, recordings, resources and keep you motivated with tips and tricks to help you stay focussed!
  • Methods to monitor your progress – to help you keep track of how you are feeling with the practice.
  • Book/Podcast/App recommendations to support your practice.

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Feel free to get in touch with any questions!