Meditation Mentoring & Wellbeing Coaching

‘The best Gurus lead you back to your own inner guidance system’

Michael King

‘Don’t seek to be like your teachers, seek what they are seeking’

Steven Cope

It’s going to be a journey! These sessions are more than well being advice, meditation and listening…they are an experience that, to be totally honest, is difficult to describe.

Together we explore ancient and modern meditation practices (this stuff must work if it’s been around 5000+ years!) across a three or six month period.

I call our sessions ‘Serenity Sessions’ because, for me, this symbolises both the stem of my business (composure) and the method of teaching I use: Fire & Water. Essentially, it comes down to balance. Finding or reconnecting to that unsurpassable, inherent sense of calm and lightness that resides within each and every one of us and from that place, my friend, the good stuff happens. The sessions are run via Zoom or in person (in Colchester area).

As Dr David Frawley says, ‘the spiritual journey starts by replacing stress with silence’ and as my mentor, Michael King, says, from that space, we can consciously grow the good.

The more we connect to this space, the easier and more effortless it is to create the life we want to live.
So, if you are ready to take life by the reins and find a place of stability, ease, calm, reconnect to your own inner guide and then organically, feel empowered towards growth, take a gander at the details of how to book in…

Book in for an initial call today to experience the power of meditation for yourself:


If you are a beginner meditator, I advise joining one of my group courses or booking in for an initial block of four one hour sessions so that you can get to grips with the basics:

Option 1: 4 x 1hour sessions – ‘Intro to Meditation’ 

Meditation tailored to your specific needs and a breakdown of how to create your own unique daily practice. This course is advisable if you are new to meditation.

£60 per session bought as 4 @ £240 

Option to pay £120 before and £120 after half way through 

Option 2: 12x 1.5-2hour Meditation Mentoring sessions across 3 or 6 months