Student Wellbeing

Here at Composure Active our intention is to help young people realise that they hold the key to their own wellbeing. Through Yoga, Mindfulness and Resilience exercises, we show students how to uncover their innate resilience and potential!
Wellbeing workshops and courses are not only aimed at finding a sense of calm, ease and peace but of empowering young people to support themselves to navigate all aspects of life.

Now more than ever, students need support. Now more than ever we need a shift away from people believing they need to better themselves in order to be happy. Our approach is different, we believe everyone is already good enough but they may just need a little guidance to see that clearly.

From this place, students feel resilient, optimistic and engaged in their University life as well as naturally happier, more able to regulate emotions and additionally to this, improve their relationships with others.

All sessions are run by Hannah, our qualified Psychologist, Sports Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher. She has experience working with all ages.

Composure Active offers a wide range of courses and workshops for students as well as bespoke wellbeing days which recognise individual differences and requirements.

Choose from:

Yoga or Meditation Classes
Wellbeing Workshop Days
Meditation and Mindfulness Courses for Students

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